Making Beats – How to Make Beats Easily

When you are up to something, you will do your best just to have it or to learn it. When you are in love, you do your best just to win and have the love of your life. This is just the same in music. If you start falling for it, you’ll start knowing it better. You might begin doing your research or even create your own composition. You can even create your own beat as a start. But you are a novice. How could you make one?

Due to the modern technology, impossible things of yesterday are made possible today. Also, things are made easier compared to the previous. You can consider softwaredesigned to help you in making beats. But if you want to create it with your own, you can start from the basics, know the terms and how do they function.

A pulse of time best defines a beat. It is a mark or count of time especially with the use of hands or with other medium. Observe the ticking of your clock at home. In a certain time, like in a minute, you’ll hear it tick sixty times. The beat will be one of those ticks. Therefore, it is the repeated blows. Finding the pattern and speed of a song is also finding the beat of the music. Tempo and beat build a pattern of pulse that could be regular or irregular. This is called rhythm.

After knowing the basics then you can now fully start. The following will be of great help in creating your personalized beat. Be guided by those.

  • Do try outs. Since beat is defined as a pulse of time, then it will be better for you to try and discover wanted results. As a beginner, don’t be frustrated be of you don’t get what you want at first. Don’t set aside the fact that you are still new in there. Be patient.
  • On the process, you must pay attention to what is happening between the beats. Also, the overall timing of the major components of the beats must be taken seriously.
  • You should have your timing reference until you came up in a simple rhythm.
  • After repeating the process, see to it that there’s something melodic going on.
  • If you came up with something that a listener could be hum that will be great for a beginner.
  • Again, you are just a novice and there are still a lot of things to learn in this aspect. Take it easy and make it step by step.

Nothing is impossible when your determination and goals are bigger than your fear and frustration. No one can stop you if you have a great focus. Music for some is worthless. Well, each of us is individually different that’s why we have various views and perspective on things. Many may criticize your admiration about music, your eagerness on learning it and wanting yourself to be a part it. It’s up to you on how to handle it. A goal can be achieve by justtaking a single step.